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Speed of RGB Channel Conversion - JMW02


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Sequence Editor

3.11.0 Beta

Windows 7 Professional

This problem deals with adding a full DMX universe (512 channels) controller to a sequence file, to be used for RGB channels, and then converting those raw channels to RGB channels. The initial addition of the controller and the raw channels takes no time at all and works great (Tools > Channel Configuration > Add Controller > DMX Universe). The problem comes when you try to convert those raw channels to RGB channels (right click on 1st new channel > Convert to RGB Channel > Also do this for following channels). The time it takes to make this conversion seems to be very very long. It takes 28 to 30 minutes to make this conversion. I will note that this same issue occurs in previous releases of the S3 software also. I note that total processor usage NEVER goes over about 26-27%, so the computer is not being over taxed, nor is it being fully used. I also note that memory usage does not seem to increase during this process. In previous versions, I note that only 1 processor of a multicore processor was being used. In this beta, I note that there seems to be some, but not much, multithreading that does occur. The time that it takes to make this conversion does not seem to have improved with this beta release. The following comments are made:

1. I am not sure what the PC is doing through all of this conversion. However, it seems that it takes way too much time to perform this task. Is there any way to use more of the computer's resources to speed up this conversion or to fix what ever is causing this extremely long, drawn out conversion?

2. Whether or not there is a way to speed up this conversion (I hope there is), I would like to suggest that some type of feed back be given to the user so that the user will know that the computer has not gotten lost. A simple counter showing the channel number that it is working on would help.



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Bob: Thanks for the update. I will look forward to the next release. Also, khawks, thanks for the information concerning the coded fix. I might try that if I get desperate. I am using 168 node strings, folded 3 times. So setting up a CCR first may not work well for me.

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