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Something Brand New A lifetime subscription. This is a great way to make sure every detail of your display is taken care of and one to check off before you start.

The lifetime subscription will give you a brand new Package 5 each year along with 4 hours of Your Radio each season. Cost $325

Package 5 $ 50

Your Radio $125


Total $175


So it will pay for itself after two seasons. 


I have 10 subscriptions available. Act now and SAVE!


If you have questions email thedementedelf or contact me through Facebook. www.facebook.com/dementedelfproductions

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We purchased the Package 8 product from the Demented Elf last year to jazz up the display and hopefully help our first year presentation seem more polished that it was.    We were exceptionally happy with his voiceovers, and are planning on branching out to the radio station products this year. The products are highly professional, and the Elf really added that customized touch. 


He was also there to answer questions as we were trying to figure out how to seamlessly engineer in BobO's MIIP program so that we could allow the show to go dark after hours, then give late night visitors the opportunity to start the show back up again on demand using their smartphones.


Thanks Demented Elf and BobO for all your help!  

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