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Christmas Lights On Franklin Street 2013

Joe Polenchar

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I'm planning on doing the Armed Forces medley for 2014. My display is different, but I would love to see you sequence to get some ideas - if you don't mind sharing. (this is my first LOR year - switching from AL). Also - my version of the song has the lady at the beginning talking about the Marine Corp fund - how did you edit that out as I would like to remove it like yours. Thanks.

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                I think that the version of the song is from a U Tube video. The owner of that video added  the voice to the beginning.

I purchased my song and it is not recorded with the voice prior to the start of the song. You could use audacity (a free audio editing program) to edit out (Cut out that part of the song).

As far as my sequence it is 192 channels and consists of 7 tracks. I sequenced this song very specific to my props. Eg. my 16 green mini trees represent the Army marching along. I did the same for the

other props as well. I am not sure that this will help you out very much.

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