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Smart / Pixel Square RGB LED Waterproof Module 12v 2801


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hello. I am changing my whole lighting setup for next holiday season! I switched over to all dumb and smart RGB lighting. however, this is my very first time using these items and as i'm new to this, I am uncertain on different areas and need your help! I figured i'd purchase everything now so that I have time to build my props and play around with the software (LOR SS Highest Levels on everything). My question is this:


I have purchased 14 Coro candy canes and 15 Corostars. I would like to used smart square RGB LED modules for both items. I know I would need a power supply but what else would I need to get? a controller (which would you recommend for the amount of items I have?). also what is the max distance I can have the coro items from one another on the same line (if I wanted to connect lets say 2 or 3 coro items together)? i'm kind of lost on these bits of info and I know it's important to make it all work! my front property is not that big, maybe 60 wide by 40 depth. I was told to keep the controller a max of 15 feet from the first strand, but what about from strand to strand or from the second or third strand to the controller that is connected to the first one? hope I didn't confuse anyone! thank you! 

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  The Aussie form is ahead of the curve on this. Last year was my first year with RGB,and this manual on RGB 101 is a must read, I printed it out and refer to it whenever I find myself asking questions, before I ask the question.     It will talk about using NULL pixels to extend the signal from one pixel to the next if you have long distances. As far as which controller to use, I'm unsure as everything I have done to this date is centered around full strips that require multi channel smart controllers.   http://auschristmaslighting.com/forums/index.php/topic,1889.0.html

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cool! I have to look into "null pixels"!!!!! I would assume that there would have to be a setting on the controller for the null pixel or I would have to account for the null pixel on my software?!

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