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Can someone help me with channel count


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I'm getting a little lost - I understand residential 16 controller = 16 channels

CMB24 - 24 channels (I think)

This is where I get a little lost - technically speaking - how many channels is each CCR or CCP considered? Also on a DMX universe - is each pixel considered 3 or 4 channels? Sorry - I'm sure this is a newbie question.

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So by that math - a 12 CCR tree is 3600 channels?

1 CCP strand (100 pixels I believe = 300 channels?

I'm assuming the above only applies to smart pixels as the CMB24 handles dumb pixels = 24 channels

Am I right in all of the above?

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Does each ccr not have 150ch plus another 7 for macro effects and such? 12 CCR tree = 1884 Ch???

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