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9 Days Since the Show Closed for the Season

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Hi all,

It is going to be 60degrees today in Indiana. Yuck! (For January anyway.) I had made a pact with myself: (as follows)

"The first time there is a relatively warm day, and not precipitation for a while, I would start taking down the lights."

Okay, I thought this would give me "cover" until February, maybe March. I mean, it is supposed to Snow here in January, and be bitterly cold for at least 2 months after Christmas.

So, now, what is it? Balmy, freaking, "shorts" weather!

I'm peaved. I'm feeling guilty in fact. How can you justify not taking them down in this weather, when in November there wasn't much of any kind of weather that would have kept me from putting them UP!

I think this calls for creative editing:

Options to consider in regards to changing the above pact:

"The first time there is a dry and warm WEEKEND, after a COUPLE days of dry weather ... "

"As soon as I get the garage organized, to provide for an orderly storage of all the 'stuff' ..."

"As soon as I get an adequate video of my light show ... "

"After I've lost 10lbs, then I'll start taking the lights down ... then it won't be so hard on my knees."

"Maybe if I put the house up for sale, with a fully installed, 'spectacular' light show, then ... "

"Ahhh, no one will notice 22,000 lights ... I'll just leave them up all year long. It'll save time for next season."

Hey couch!!! Here I come.



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Well i got my "ground" items down last weekend, and put off the "high altitude" items since I had worked until dark and couldn't see well enough....
And used the same excuse...next warm day....
Looks like the ladder will come out when I get home this afternoon!;)

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Please keep such proactive, sensible, and responsible statements to yourself. Some of us are trying to live in a state of blissful procrastination.

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