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Leaping Arches?


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So my plans for next year will include Leaping Arches which will leap to a cannon and explode LEDS in a tree fifty feet away forty feet up.

Thanks to another gracious forum member selling me some of his LOR boxes.


I watched the video showing how to build a nine channel arch.


My question is how do you sequence it? Just the arch. Once I see the flow of how the light travels, then I can create mine.

Could someone send me a copy of the arch sequence? I am very good at learning by hands on.

If I could see the arch sequence, then I could easily rebuild it to my needs.



My e-mail address - -    MikeE at RideWNC.com






Build Arch How To Video.


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Like George said: "Generally speaking, arches are sequenced just like any other chasing element of the display" You could take a 7,8, or 9 channel mini trees sequence & add it to arches & the other way around. A 16 channel Mega tree can be put into a 16 channel fan or what ever channel count. Even the "fire stick" or Pole can be used as George said on a arch. I sometimes use loud drum bangs for the arches or cymbals.....it all depends on the song.   I believe it would be better to watch videos of displays & see how/where/& when they use the arches in a song.. 

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