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DMX and LOR controllers how?


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Hi All,


This is my first post here and first year using LOR, so please be nice.


2014 will be my first year running lights to music, I have planned for 80 LOR channels and 26 (78) Dumb RGB channels. I am also considering running Smart RGB.



Can DMX controllers in the middle of a group of LOR controllers? 

There is lots of different information about Smart RGB but not much on controllers what is needed to run with LOR?


Thanks for your help.

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Sure you can run DMX controllers in the middle of LOR controllers.


Only if they talk the same language.


They can all talk DMX or they can all talk LOR, but then the DMX units must be either the iDMX1000 or the ELOR from Sandevices.


Controllers for "smart" RGB lights can be run from either DMX or from your computer's jack as E1.31 type of "language".

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It would better to use two networks, one for lor and the other for dmx. as Ken stated the dmx can come right out of your Ethernet port on your computer via 1.31

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Many run both LOR and dmx at the same time without the expense of the idmx device.

I personally run LOR ac and dc controllers as well as LOR ccr's. Then, on a separate network using a holiday coro dongle I have 2 27 channel dmx controllers for various rgb elements including all my tree and bush lights. All my dumb rgb lights go through the dmx network.

The key is you need to be using your pc to run the show. And you must have 2 separate networks coming out of your pc...one for LOR and one for dmx. If you are not using your pc then you can't use the dongle (it is a USB device).

Sansdevice and e1.31 is a much larger scale than the dongle and it costs more. In the long run it might be more useful and it is way more versatile but for me the dongle was all I needed.

I have a couple write ups in the DMX section of the forums that might be helpful. If you want to go the dongle route that is. Do a quick search for more info.

Good luck,


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  • 2 months later...

I have 8 LOR units... I really do not want to lose the Shimmer and other things that are in the firmware of the LOR controllers.


I also have 2 E682 and one 6804 controllers.


My question is this... I want to sequence everything in LOR like I have for the last 6 years  and I want to sequence the RGB in NutCracker.


I know I can import the LOR sequence into to Nutcracker to keep it all together but my questions are this


1.  Can I run the LOR Controllers in LOR mode and run the Sandevices Controllers in E1.31 at the same time (Using two networks)


2. Do the sequences have to be run from LOR or can it be run from the Xlights Scheduler?



Thanks :)

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1. Yes


2. LOR


Assuming same network.


If you create another network for Xlights, that would work too.

Edited by Ken Benedict
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2. LOR


The Xlights page says:


A cross-platform Christmas light show scheduler built on wxWidgets. Plays Vixen and LOR sequences. Compatible with LOR, D-Light, DMX, Renard, Pixelnet, and E1.31 controllers.

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