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Trampoline Frame Mega Tree Base Frame


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I am looking at building a mega tree next season ...


I have a trampoline frame but it is 15' across and I am looking at doing a 7' or 8'

across base to my tree.


Anyone have any experience in making the trampoline frame smaller ?!


I assume I can eliminate some of the pieces and bed the pipes some more.






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I've used the trampoline frame in the past.

Making it smaller won't be easy without a pipe bender. Bending the frame your self won't give it an even bend and may actually kink in the process. You might ask a muffler shop if they have one and could rebend it to a tighter radius.


Jim provided a good idea though if it's too expensive to get it smaller.

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It's hard to bend the Trampoline base and keep it tight fitting, since the very end of each bar needs to be bent to ensure the proper angle at the connections, and most bases are not a continues circle but a series of bends..  I would suggest keeping the 15 ft base and go with a taller tree, or check craigslist for someone giving away a 12 ft trapoline.  When I found mine on craigslist there were 3 others giving them away as well.  Save the 15' and make two 7ft arches.

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One of those "Big Ugly Dishes" you know the 8 foot black ones with a wire mesh ? the convex and mesh would be garbage, but the ring is roughly 8 feet (I have 3 of them out in the bone yard)



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