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CCBs to ouline two buildings side by side


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Ok so, CCBs have their own controllers, got it.  each controller manages a 50' string of CCBs with the controller in the middle at the 25' mark,  got it.  The controllers are daisey chained together,  think I got it>.  One Cat5 cable from a 1602 to the first controller as well as a 120V extension cord to that controller,  makes sense.  The second controller needs the same Cat5 and 120V extension cord,  again, makes sense.


Now comes the Question.

The controller needs to be placed between the two buildings.  Two CCB controllers on the right side of the LOR1602 and one controller on the left side of the LOR 1602.  One building needs two 50' strings of CCBs and the other building needs one 50' string.


How would I daisey chain the third controller??    The LOR 1602 only has two RJ485(??) jacks.


Do I need to run a CAT5 from the second controller on one building to the single controller on the second building??


Thanks in advance

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Take a look at the Typical Setup link at the top of the forum. The controllers connect inline. Any new controllers simply connect to the last one in the chain.

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Just remember, each string is 25', so I would think of it in terms of that rather than a 50' string.


Cat 5 cable is cheap and if you know you will need a huge amount of it, just buy a spool and crimp it yourself.

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The 1602 does not need to be in the middle, or the first one in the line, or the last one in the line, just in the line somewhere. The same is true for the other controllers

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