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Superstar License Question for Brian and/or LOR Admin

Ron Boyd

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I currently have the Superstar 40 CCR License. I have my visualizer set up for everything in my show except for my pixel Icicles which will be an additional 900 Channels. I am currently at 7104 Channels. When doing a Whole display morph using the vis effects, I cannot export the sequence. It says I can only export 6150. Right now I'm 1854 channels shy of utilizing the Superstar program for these type of effects.


Is the 80 CCR license and/or the 160 CCR License going to happen this year? The 80 will do me well, but I know some folks that the 160 CCR license will just barely cover what they had this year, so they will probably need the 300 CCR license. 


Hopefully these license levels will be in effect soon. Otherwise I'll need to look elsewhere for sequencing needs. Right now, the software is just not up to snuff for where I and countless other folks need it to be for RGB sequencing.



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Yes it would be nice to know the time frame for this. I am in definite need of the 80 CCR version and if there was a 160 version I might even plan for that.


I am in the process of drawing out my visualizer now. Will hopefully be done soon.

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Ron.. so you bit the bullet and are making the icicles? Very cool!

Yep. I'm not using the pigtails though. I had too many problems with those this year. I'm also going to see what a strip of Corplast over them for a bit of diffusion and rigidity. We'll see.

Doug the 160 version is what I'm eventually after, but for me, as of right now, the 80 will suffice.

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As you can guess, I am very motivated to see an 80 or 160 CCR license released. I just looked at the video's on Ron Boyd's web site, very cool sequences on a very cool and creative display. It gives me deep satisfaction that my software is a part of such a quality display. I of course will work hard this year to be as big a part of such displays as possible.

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