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which pixel strip to buy


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I have been looking at different pixel strips out there and different suppliers. I am wondering what strips everyone is using and where they got them from.

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I think it comes down to your setup / experience budget and simplicity. 

For simplicity you can't beat CCR's. 

Also less  DYI may be Seasonal entertainments strips, but requires dipping into DMX  (where everyone is going to be going anyway), 

David at Holliday Coro has some great .strips, dongles etc. (now moving more down the DYI list).  Add in E1.31 (not some scary path just DMX over Ethernet, for those not yet familiar it's that network plug you probably are not using in you computer).  

All U.S. company's with one you can communicate with (although there products may come from the far east) but someone locally that stands behind the products and do heavy Q.C.

Next down the chain (not an all inclusive chain)  is Ali Express  (Ray Wu).  Ordering direct from China,  Lots of choices. (maybe to many for first timers),  lower prices and LESS quality checks.

So again what is best depends most on experience, setup and budget

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