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I have 6 CCRs that have never seen more than 30 minutes of play total.  I took them out of the boxes and hooked them up.. watched them flash and loved the colors.. put them back in the boxes and there they sit.  I could not get the hang of the SS so I moved on to other things.  Now I just can't find a place for them in my display...


These have only been in my office, never have they seen the light of day.



Buy all six for $200 each.  

Less then six $220 each.  

FOB: Elk Grove, CA. 

+ PP fees


PS.  Hopefully this is the correct forum.  If not, admin please move to where it should be.  Thanks

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I already shot my post Christmas wad on a bunch of GE Color Effects lights... And I really doubt that you're interested in payment in "a few months"!

Actually I'm doing all my smart strips in Ray Wu strips via E1.31 anyway...

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But Jim,


This is no longer "post Christmas", it is now "Pre Christmas".  A whole new budget year.


Still available.  Several lookers and lots of questions.. but so far, still here.

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  • 2 months later...

Well the original buyer has gone AWAL.. I have offered them to someone else that was interested.  If he is not interested any more they will be back for sale. 


I should know within a day or so.


So, keep an eye out for the next few days..



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AWOL.. I think I goofed and typed AWAL.   LOL..  Remember that brain cramp thing we talked about.. well, I had one.  


So it looks as though the CCRs are going to be sold again. 

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