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We all have people we love. Family, friends, neighbors, co-workers. When is the last time you told them you loved them? How many of you would be devastated if one of them died suddenly, and you had not told them recently that you loved them? Some people you may never have told that you are happy they are in your life and care about them.

Well, do it now, not tomorrow, not next week. Now. Did you hear me? I said now.

Yesterday, a coworker, Pat, noticed on his way to work, passing by a friend and coworker's house, that Tom's steps were not shoveled, and there were no tracks in his yard. We got almost a foot of snow Sunday. Pat checked with the people in Tom's group if he had been in, and found out that he had been out sick a lot lately with a cold/flu. So Pat called, no answer. Texted, no answer. So Pat called another friend to go check on him. When Scott got there, Tom stumbled to answer the doorand talk. Scott went in they sat down and talked a little. Then Tom slumped over and stopped breathing. CPR, ambulance, all that stuff. Tom never regained consciousness.Bam! Dead at 43.

Go tell everyone that you love them our how much you care. You never know when there will be no tomorrow.

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This message hit a little close to home. 2 days ago one of my closest coworkers told us that his pre-teen kid (who we all know and like) has a very aggressive cancer with a 5 year survival rate of exactly zero.

Things like your coworker and my coworker's kid make you realize how precious life can be.

So like LORi said, tell them you love them now...

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You're right about that Lori.


But here's some scary stuff going on with the flu right now:


And if you haven't gotten a flu shot, GET ONE!  


We have had a 30 year old woman and an elderly gentlemen both die from the flu in Florida over the past couple of weeks and there are quite a few others in intensive care in Florida, NONE of them had gotten a flu shot, or they refused to take one when offered. {If you're allergic, understandable, but there are usually alternatives you can get!}


Seems the flu strain has somehow gotten worse and everyone is now recommending getting a flu shot, most doctors in our area stated that the young woman and the elderly gentleman would still be alive if they had only gotten a flu shot.  So there deaths were preventable just by a simple injection.   I know a lot of folks don't like them or don't take them, but this year it's getting really serious if you don't get that flu shot, you could end up like one of these folks, and none of us here would like to hear about a fellow LOr lighting hobbyist ending up like that over something as simple as a flu shot that could have saved their life.


So don't just get it for yourself, think of how your family will feel if something like this were to happen to you over not taking a simple injection to help prevent something like this.

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