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Hi All,

Just finished my first year with LOR. 2014 is heading me in the the world of RGB and E131.

So my setup for my 2014 mega tree will be an E682 controller from SANDEVICES, 12v 350 w power supply and 12 WS2811 5050 RGB light strips ( 12 just to start).

I just received my order from Ray and when I unpacked the lights there were more wires than I expected. I need some help understanding the wiring config.

I've got a 4-wire connector consisting of black/white to GND, blue (not connected), green to 12v, red to DIN (data in?). Then I also have a 2-wire pigtail with a black to GND and white to 12v. My understanding is the E682 is capable of powering the light strips through the 4-wire connector, correct? What is the pigtail for? Below are some pictures.

Thanks for any help.


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The pigtail is for injecting power in addition to the "normal" power.  This is used primarily for long strips (i.e. several strings end to end) where you need to insert additional power.

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Hey Ken, where did that spreadsheet come from?  Handy


Someone on the Australian Christmas forum put it together

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