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Just took down my display :(. Now thinking about next year, this was my 2nd year with a LOR. I'm wanting to start using LEDs. I now have a 16 channel board (not enough) I have bought a 16 channel DC board (not enough). Also my software is Show Time 3.0.2. My ? is can I control a RBG per channel or is it going to be 1 channel per color. Thanks for any help sure I will have many more ?'s

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rgb is 3 channels  so if you have say a 150 rgb strip it really is 50 rgb channels      ie.  50 x 3 = 150

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One color changing pixel is three channels.


Sometimes one pixel means three LEDs that are grouped together to function as one. When grouped as three, it's usually 12 volts.


Most of the time, a pixel is one led and usually 5 volts DC is needed to power it.


LOR's CCP/CCBs are 50 pixels and use 150 channels to sequence them with.

There's also a few extra Macro channels that make life easier.

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