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3.11.0 Beta - Large channel count pasting issues - JMW01


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Report # JMW01


Module: Sequence Editor, 3.11.0 Beta


OS: Windows 7 Professional, with all current updates.

System Hardware: x64 based PC. Intel Core i5 processor, 16 GB memory.


Description: In an animation sequence that is 10 minutes long, with approximately 16, 632 channels (a mix of LOR and DMX channels), I can not paste a group of 512 RGB DMX channels, or higher channel count. In this case, I have the group minimized and select the entire row. In v 3.10.14 this would cause a software crash. In 3.11.0, this causes the error message "Cannot allocate memory for copying archived event table". However, if you try the copy and paste again, the software crashes without warning. If I turn off "undo recording", then the group of 512 channels will copy and paste. Also, a group (minimized, with 5632 DMX channels) will also copy and paste with " undo recording turned off. A note: this is a lot better than v 3.10.14, but I thought that you might want to know that the problem still exists.


Repeatability: This will happen every time you try it.


I can't send the file for this because it it reported as 597,251 KB. The compressed file I could send since it is only 367,232 KB if that would help.




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Yeah, 3.11.0 improves memory usage in things like copy/paste, but at some point of copying more and more, it's not going to work.  We'll continue to try to decrease memory usage in the future, but still, at some point, it won't work. 


With that said, it shouldn't crash, though.  Could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) an email with the sequence? Not the compressed sequence.  I know you said the sequence is too large to send, but please try zipping it up first; I bet the zip file will be a lot smaller than the sequence itself.  If not, please let me know, and I'll work on another way to get it to me.


In the email that you send, please clearly reference this thread's URL, which is:




As a side note, you (and anybody using huge sequences) might want to try the new feature to limit the number of undo items that are stored at once, rather than turning undo recording off entirely.  You can set this through the same "Undo Settings" dialog where you would disable undo recording.





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