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what to run pixels with ?

Jon Compton

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I have been thinking about getting pixels to replace my incon. At this point it don't matter what brand because each bulb takes a channel. With these pixels you can max out channels fast.  I'm new at this i wouldn't even say a year, more like 3 months . If i understand right lor maxes out at 500. if i use dmx it maxes out 510 (  per universe) if its not split. I don't even know what to buy, but I am m trying to understand it through to lots of reading. Yes I am sprinting through this only because I want to understand so I can buy the right stuff and do it with out back tracking. I am a diesel technician so I have no problem with DIY or saving money. My first Christmas light show I maxed out 3 units with no problem and I am kinda bummed. I know I need to buy more and I will But its what to buy with the way technology is advancing towards Pixels


My questions are.


1 ) Do I stay with LOR or do i need to do something else?


 2) If I stay with LOR and I assume I need DMX to run The amount of pixels i want, what do I need?  ( I think i need DMX for snow/fog/haze machines anyways) Does it matter where the dmx is/ before/after/middle of lor.


 3) Will the LOR program handle such amount of pixels I (my wife)  want (LOTS) Also will I need a desktop instead of a laptop?


   If some one would rather call me and explain Ill pm you a message. Or Should I call LOR? 


Sorry so long and so many.


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The LOR hardware and software will control thousands of channels. Not sure where you got the 500 number from.


Simplest way is to get the LOR CCRs or CCPs since they plug right into the LOR network.


And if you buy the LOR products, then LOR stands behind them for support and service, something you don't get if you go DIY.


There's lots of videos on Youtube and LOR has a set also.

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