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Hello all,


Working on planning some animation/constructs for this Halloween and Christmas.  Have been helped with the leaping arches and have picked up enough LED strands to make a 2 arch set.


Moving on to pumpkins and trees.  From the sites I've been seeing I've noticed that most recommend ropes on the larger LED bulbs (C9 if I remember, still learning the terms).  So the 50 LED strands I've been picking up on clearance aren't all that good for these?  Not that I can't find other uses but I don't want to go through the trouble (and zip ties) if these will be too dim.


Also on the trees I've noticed in almost all the instructions of wrapping they work from the top to the bottom with strands of 100 (or 2 50s) and link up everything at the bottom.  Is there a reason for running them parallel vs. daisy-chaining them?  With the strands wired so you can lose one light and the rest of the strand stays lit does it make a difference?




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