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RGB/DMX help


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I'm not sure how to link pictures - but they are located here.


I'm hoping someone can help me out now that the season is over. I am making the switch from animated lighting to LOR. I purchased some LOR controllers late last year and was able to run AL and LoR together this year without too many problems. I am going 100% LOR from here on out though. In the pictures you will see my AL DMX box, some smart RGB lights that I have from AL and a comparison picture of the connector on those lights vs. the connector on the CCP's from LOR. What I'm hoping someone can help me with is how to either:

1. Convert that controller to use with LOR -with some pretty good directions on how to do it and what to get from where, etc.


2. Is there a way to convert the RGB light strands from AL to possibly work with a CCP controller from LOR. This may be my preference. DMX may be easy to do - but they crew over at AL had me thoroughly confused as it related to RGB and DMX. I will say I feel better about it after becoming a part of the LOR family. Thanks in advance for the help - sorry this is so long.

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To convert the AL devices, people have used Drew Hickman at Holiday Technologies, but a better route IMHO would be to plan for LOR products and wait for the next sale.


Your existing smart pixels can probably be converted, depending on the chip type that they use to drive the LEDs.

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We'd need to know more about those light strands - are they RGB (every node in the string the same color at a given time) or pixels (the lights on the string are individually controllable)? 

If it's straight ("dumb") RGB then you could control the with an LOR DC controller with only a little hacking.  If they are pixels, you'd need to find out what chip is inside them to proceed.

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