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Operation Mega Tree 2014 has started!


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I just placed the first of several orders for 2014.  First up is the Sandevices E682.  I must be ready by early Dec and there's only 11 more months to go!  By the time I get it built and understand it inside and out it will be mid-late Feb. The target is a ~1400 pixel 360 megatree.  


Original Transaction  Date  Type  Status  Details  Amount  Jan 2, 2014 Payment To Sandevices,LLC  Completed  ...

-$118.00 USD 



Now let's get this '14 party started !!

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I am a first year LOR user and have not started with pixels.  

Would you mind sharing your design and other information and/or tell me a good place to get started?


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Here are my hints and tips:


Hop over to the LOR E1.31 and S3 forum and read the questions and answers there. Learn from other brave folks who have gone before you/me.


For pixels you're going to work with DMX universes or realms.

Understand what a universe is, what it's limits are.

Understand how to get power to 50 pixels on a string.

Understand how to get power to 10-20 strings.

Understand how LOR interfaces with DMX.

Understand what E1.31 is. 


RGB or not, though shall follow Ohms law.  


Understand what WS2801, WS2811, are


At the end of the day you're going to get some pixels from RayWu and a SanDevices  or Joshua systems controller.  That is until LOR comes out with a high pixel count controller. 


You should also read blog.holidaycoro.com   It answers many pixel type questions and goes over generic hardware considerations.


Download, print and read the manual for an RGB Pixel controller. It will make you ask more questions. Ask more questions!


For me, the sequencing part is the easiest part. It is the physical enclosures, soldering, power supplies, mounting that are the tedious tasks.

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