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A quick thanks...


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I just wanted to give all those people who provided the training and advice over the last year a hearty Thank-You!    Our first year was awesome.   The display brought us a little closer as a family and I know we made a lot of people out there very happy as evident by their comments.    I was amazed at the enthusiasm of the visitors.       I dont think there was a time when we didn't have at least two cars out front at any given time, and the neighbors were extremely accommodating.  One thing that caught my eye this season, was that I was having a little trouble with our Tune To sign, so for about four days I was manually plugging it in directly to the power every evening.  Being busy, I forgot to plug it in two days straight, and it didn't matter at all.   We had such a blend of repeat guests who actually remembered our channel, that they covered for my error with the new visitors.    


Thanks BobO and ALL the others who cared enough to give us the knowledge and encouragement to continue.    We're hooked and already planning for next year.



Happy New Year Everyone, and the best wish I could give you for the coming year is to have as much fun as we did!    Thank-you All.

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