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What video editing software are you using?

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Plus one on Sony Vegas.   I did not get the latest version.  An older version is much less expensive.  It may not have all the latest bells and whistles but it does more than everything I will ever need.

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Corel Video Studio Pro/Ultimate X6 -- this is my favorite.  Easy to use for the beginner, but has more complex features too for the more advanced user. I have used each version for several years.  Inexpensive and well reviewed on Amazon.


But I sometimes will use these, depending on the project (they all have their strengths):

Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.0  (not as easy to use for the novice as Corel VS)

Pinnacle Studio 14 (not as stable, though has improved since v12, probably has further since they are now up to v17)


Rarely use:

Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.5  (don't recommend unless you do video editing professionally)

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I use ProShow Producer.  It's very easy to use with TONS of effects and editing options.  Anything, anyone would want to do... it can.  It has a free demo and the full version is $250, but very worth it. 



Forgot to mention... they have ProShow Gold ($69.99) and ProShow Web($30per mo subscription) that have less options (which most people wouldn't ever need anyways) for much less.


Should have given you this link for all their products: http://www.photodex.com/proshow

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Adobe Premiere Elements 12 handles AVCHD video easily, straight from the SD cards of my Canon camcorder. If you pay more than $100 you are bad shopper.

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