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Cannot control lights using new computer.


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Hello smart ones...

Everything has been working great and now that I have a dedicated MINI ITX Box built for this years show. My Dell Lattitude running 1.5.0 software works great with the com port but the new MINI ITX with the same serial connection wont find the board..

I know someone else has had this problem. Please help!


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Using the Auto Configure Button it does give me an error message.

Port Not Found:
Unable to locate the Light-O-Rama port. Check that the controller is connected and that it is powered on.


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Dearly Beloved, I read from the Book of Dan, RS485 Adapters Page 9, Chapter 4

The pages that follow are quick instructions to install
the USB device and virtual serial port drivers on your
PC. More detailed instructions, trouble-shooting
information and device drivers are available from the
manufacturer of the USB chipset. If you have problems
with the install, go to http://www.ftdichip.com. Select
documentation and drivers for the VCP (Virtual Com
Port) and for the FT232R chip set.

The site is a little bewildering so go directly to http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/VCP.htm and select driver version 2.02.04.
Dowload and unzip the files then install the adapter.
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To confirm I have it straight....

Both your PCs have a Serial Port. Everything works on one machine but if you plug the same hardware (same SC485, same CAT5 cable and Same controller) into this other machine you cannot find the controller in the hardware utilty...

If this is true, it sounds like an issue with the serial port on this machine. Do you have anyother "serial" devices that you verify the serial port with?

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