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As part of the landscaping at my home, I have approximately 20 "small" shrubs that are probably 12" tall and 6-12" wide across.  Right now, I basically wrap them in LED lights, but its kind of time consuming, so I had a thought.


Anyone try to create their own "net lights"?  Since I need to order some Pre-Sale lights, I was thinking of getting a bunch of 35-ct. strands, take either chicken wire or some sort of thin "net wire", paint it, and then string lights on it to look like a net.  That way, come setup time, all I have to do is drape it over each shrub and plug it in, instead of having to spend hours wrapping all of them (I'm kind of OCD, so if it does not look right, I start over).


Has anyone tried doing this, and if not, does anyone think it will work? I'm tempted to try it just to see if it would work, but thoughts from other members on here would be helpful.  I'll try to post some pictures when I have it completed.




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I once used cable ties to make up a 4 color net light. I really like the result, but the time was a bear. I think I am more likely to find a suitable construction type fence, and cable tie flat pixels to it.

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I thought about buying pre-made net lights, but I want net lights that are three colors (Red, Blue, Warm White) and also want net lights that fit each individual shrub.  The smallest net I have found was 4'x4' and I could do 3-4 shrubs with a net that size.  Thinking it may just be easier to build my own.  As for sequencing time, that's not an issue.


I'm trying to make it so that setup is as easy as possible, because, it is just me.  If I can spend 6 hours building my own nets and only spend a half-hour putting them out in the yard (instead of 2+ hours), then it is worth it for me.

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