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For the children


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There have been several posts on why we do this and I could not resist sharing my story.


This year while setting up the display our four legged family member injured her spine.  Long story short, she has had 3 vertebrae fused and required hands on care until recovered.  This resulted in the display being late and my focus on her and not the display. 


While out looking at the display one night and noticing what wasn't working or complete and trying (not very successful) talk myself into fixing it all a lady approached and complimented me on the display.  She went on to say she has sent some of her patients to see the display,  i asked what her profession is, she told me she is a pediatric hospice nurse. My heart sunk.  Then I experienced what the Grinch did, my heart grew.  With help from my wife and neighbor we had everything fixed by 1am.  We all agreed the display had to be perfect for the kids.


Merry Christmas,



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