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Cocentric Pixel Stars

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I had an idea to add what I call an exploding star to my display this year using RGB Pixels, it took me a few tries before I finalized the design. I ended up using 1/8th inch by 1/2 inch hot rolled steel to form the stars. Welded the pieces together, then attached 166 2801 pixels using 3 cable ties per pixel. The video below was taken in my shop, the pixels are BRIGHT and washed out the camera.




I have it out in my display, I need to build another one to balance out the display.



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October 2012 I bought a custom Brian Bruderer Superstar with something like your plan in mind.  What is custom about is that the front face is not drilled for lights protruding through it.  As I knew I didn't have time, for 2012 I just put 93 pixels that were on the inside back face of the star and lit them all the same.  Earlier this year I rebuilt the star with 360 WS2811 pixels on the inside of the front face of the star.  Took a lot of time, but in my opinion, it looks really good.  Details of the star are available at this link:



Video from 2012 available at this link:



When I get the 2013 video posted, it will be at:


(NOTE - 2013 video NOT YET POSTED as I type this).

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