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Shows Over for 2013 - Take down time!

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Ran our last show on New Years Day. started take down yesterday.  Spent about 10 hours on it yesterday and am nowhere close to being finished.  Considering we had a wind chill below 0 yesterday, I'm not surprised I'm no where near being finished.  Need to finish before the sub-zero temperatures and 8-12 inches of snow get here Sunday and Monday, that's on top of the 6-12 inches of snow we got for 36 hours straight on New Years Day and Thursday.

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Spent one day removing and packing cords, cables, controllers and so on. 


One day removing most of the stuff off the lawn.  About 4 hours yesterday taking the rest off the lawn.


Today I will pull out the bucket truck and start taking down the lights from the trees.  Most likely an entire day.  Winding them up takes a long time.. about 20k lights all in strings of 70 lights.


Tomorrow hopefully the Plasma Icicles come down.  Bucket truck again.. Should take about a day to take down and pack away.


I am thinking about another 6 hrs to get the balance all put away... Gotta put stuff up on the pallet rack and up on the mezzanine.  Move the play stuff off the rolling rack to bins..


Lots of work.. phew!

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