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Schedule/Show problem


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I made a show and it only played one sequence then the next day it played two now all it will play is two and in sequence editior it lets me play all my sequences. Also when it stops playing the computer says its still playing and on the board it says its getting information.

Could someone help me

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Go into the sequence editor for each sequence, one at a time.

Scroll to the end of the sequence.

Set your play mode to "visible Screen"

Play. You'll see the green arrow go inactive and the red stop button become active, and the sequence will play.

What SHOULD happen is when it gets to the end, the red stop goes away and the green play arrow comes back.

What's likely happening in your case, in at least some of the sequences, is that the red stop button stays active and you have to manually stop it.

To fix, go to edit menu->Change Total Time. Knock it down by a few 10ths of a second. Repeat the above, shortening it again if necessary until you pass.

Lather, Rinse, Repeat.


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