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Another tale "Why We Do This"

Ron Boyd

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One night over the weekend, I was visiting with viewers during the show. I walked up to a SUV parked in front of the house. It was two ladies in the car. I assume it was a mother and daughter. The mother was struggling to express to me what she wanted to say, so the daughter was helping out. She said Christmas just wasn't the same since her husband died. Then she pointed to our display and said " this made my Christmas this year, thank you" I told her "You are very welcome and Merry Christmas". She reached out of the car and said "Come here and give me a hug" As they drove away, I stood there with tears in my eyes.


The next night, one of our Church members brought their children out and one of their sons, Uriah, is, well let's say he's not doing very well. I could hear him outside oohing and aahing and the such. The wife peaked out the window and said, you need to go out there, they're loading up a wheelchair for that little boy. Upon approaching the dad, and I'm sorry, I cannot remember his name to save my bacon, told me they had just released Uriah from the hospital again today. I stepped around to where he was sitting in the car and asked him if he enjoyed the lights. A big, ear to ear grin came across his face. Needless to say, the tears welled up again.



If those two folks were the only ones who had seen my show this year, and I had that reaction from them that brought the tears to my eyes, The entire time I spent on our display and show this year would have all been worth while.


THIS, Is the reason I do what I do.


Merry Christmas

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Christmas is supposed to make us happy, and here I am crying at this computer reading your post. Make the children happy, that's what we do is all about

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