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The Sheriff Competed with My Light Show


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An elderly lady who was diabetic was coming to the show. On her way I guess her insulin was low.

She was driving erratically and a deputy saw her. He got behind her and lit her up.

We all watched her drive about a mile heading towards us from across the field with blue light behind her.

When she got to the show she stopped in the middle the road, I guess to look for a spot to park.

The deputy stepped out and asked her to pull off on to a side road.

She did. They originally thought she had been drinking she was that far out of it.

I went over and offered them candy canes and told them they were competing with my show.

Afterwards, one of them stopped by and told us what had happened. I thanked him for the info and treating the old lady kindly.


Here is the e-mail I sent the sheriff:


I just want to throw out a huge Good job and many thanks to the Deputies on Harshaw Road the evening of 12.23.2013. I have the house with the Christmas lights. There was a lady with health issues who was headed to see the lights on her way home from shopping. Apparently, one of the deputies saw her driving erratically and pulled her over on Beaver Ridge. The deputies were extremely professional and went above and beyond, in my opinion. One deputy drove to Hayesville and retrieved the ladies husband to drive her home. This is a story which I think needs to be told. All we ever hear are the negatives of law enforcement. These particular deputies went out of their way to insure this lady made it home safely for Christmas. I just would like these three deputies to know that I and the fifty plus viewers appreciate the job they did that evening. Merry Christmas. MikeE


This is the only time I have seen law enforcement out here since I fired up my show.

With the amount of traffic I created and the amount of road rage I have been seeing recently, I am surprised more haven't shown up just to make a presence.

I am glad they did not make it more difficult on the lady.




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Very nice of them and its nice to hear stories of like this where our law enforcement goes out of their way to help and do the right things when needed.

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