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Ralph's snow flake thoughts

Ralph D

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So i have these snowflakes 16 of them, and I would like to convert them to either, rgb dumb pix or dumb nodes, I'm sure lots of us have use and found they like one better then another heres a photo of my snowflake, let me know what you think will work best.

thanks everyone



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Those are going to be a bit tough to retrofit with almost anything but pixel strings.. at least I think so.  Ray has dumb IP68 strings that would work.  Wire ties will work good.  Not sure you can find clips for those.. but they might be out there..  Make sure you get what Ray calls IP68 and not the IP66.  Neither are rated correctly, but the IP68 is epoxy injected and should last longer



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Hey Ralph,

After Christmas, remind me in a text or next time we talk, I have a whole roll of the strapping material that some folks are using on pixel trees. I'll send you some up to Jersey. You can take a section you cut off of your strip for the arches and see if it will work. Just take the section of strapping, attach it to the flakes and then attach the strip to the strapping. You can do the same with the CCPs you have and see which one works best. We'll talk about it on the phone, tomorrow or the next day.

Later my, friend and Merry Christmas

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