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Guess what I've GOT?


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I helped my neighbor's get into animated lighting....

I decorated their house...

Set up their mega tree...

Spaced out their candy canes...

Tied down the wire frame deer...

Wired up their controller...

Sinked the ELL that connects our houses.  

And for all that work I got one thing.....





A sweet sweatshirt!!!!!


That's on the front, the back has a string of Christmas lights and spells out:


C.  Christmas

L.   Light

A.   Addiction

P.   Problem.


I think he's heard the CLAP audio clip a few too many times.  He memorized it perfectly.

This is my treasure for this year.



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Think if I'd have created a shirt with that statement, I'd have at least added "smaller" letters to identify what the CLAP diagnosis really stood for.    But at a distance, not sure that would even work, as people may still be running away before seeing the additional lettering explaining what it really means for you.  Think I'd just spell it out and use a different color for the first letter of each word, that is CLAP would be spelled out in all one color {like red or maybe even each letter 1st letter different, C in red, L in Cyan, A in Yellow and P in Green} and the smaller letters in white so folks know it's NOT that other CLAP. LOL


So when do we see a photo of the back?   Only saw the photo of the front at your link.

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