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Storm Damage


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Anyone else have a depressing amount of damage from the storm tearing across the US last night?  The winds throwing what seemed like huge buckets of water against our windows woke us all up around 2:30AM.  I checked the weather reports then and there were multiple recordings of 80+ MPH winds in our area.  We still have tremendously gusty winds and rain this morning making full damage assessment and repair nearly impossible.  I tried to re-secure my MegaTree pixel strands this morning, but the winds have already torn them asunder yet again.

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So far everything seemed to survive the ice storm we had up here. Everything is coated in ice, and I had to restart the LOR computer this morning because of a power outage but everything tested fine upon restart.

Fingers crossed for the show tonite.

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The winds have finally abated and I think I have everything back up and running for start of the show tonight.  Two of my strobes don't seem to be firing properly anymore.  My "Tune To" sign actually took the brunt of the damage.  The wind ripped it out of it's holder and the light strands were pulled from the coro.  Had to redo a good bit of it.  Some of my icicle strands are still tangled up in the gutters and on the roof, but I don't want to haul out the 32' extension ladder today.

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hey duckie,

I feel your pain.  I didn't get any wind damage.  we live in a valley and the only thing I had to do with the wind is stand back up a few things.


I got the brunt of the same storm that got to you later.  my problem was with water not wind.


just when the rain started I went out and disconnected 1 of my controllers.  by the time I got back in the house I was drenched.  it was like I took

3 showers with my clothes on. 


about 2 hours later (the rain still hasn't stopped) my yard starts flooding.  we put in a parking pad for visitors to come in and watch our display.

we've lived in the house for 17yrs and our yard has flooded 5 or 6 times.  I usually don't worry about it because it does it in the spring.  it comes up

fast and goes down fast.  if it happened in the spring I would be ok but when it happens the Saturday before Christmas it becomes a bit of a

problem.  luckily I didn't loose any lights except a flood light that illuminates my radio sign.  oh well, I had another one down stairs so that wasn't

too bad.  the big problem was on the back side of my parking pad I had a mound of dirt (with a few bushes planted in it (lost those as well) with a

60ft 2 tier landscape timbers that were nailed together.  well the water picked up the timber and floated it about 500ft to the trees at the back of my

property.  I found 3 of the 15 or so but the rest are gone.


amazingly I had a simple tree made out of 8 strings hanging from a pole that the timbers seemed to go thru but they survived.  I let them dry out

for a day and they turned right on with no issues.


even though it was a pain and I couldn't understand why this could happen 5 days before Christmas I went out today and was able to hook

everything back up and the show has gone on like nothing ever happened. 


even weather isn't gonna stop me showing my holiday spirit.


good luck with your redo's and next year I'm sure it will give you a good laugh.


merry Christmas and happy new year.


ps. make sure your strobes are screwed in tight.  I had some that if they weren't screwed in all the way they would not fire right.  might help

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