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My wife came home and gave me a huge pick-me-up.  She was in a Target, about 20 miles from my house when she heard two men talking on an adjacent isle.  One was giving the other directions.... to our house.  She said it was almost creepy but exciting all at the same time


I was inspired to go out and get some candy canes with the intention of finally passing some out.  After dinner I grabbed a handful of candy canes and headed out to the first car I saw tonight.  Four very excited kids watching the display....  Loved it!!!!


The next car turned down the candy canes... but did describe my lights in a way I'd not expect.  She said "We just love your light $**T show"  End Quote!  Well, seems my lights speak to all kinds.  They said they'd been watching me set up the last month and were excited to see it.


I feel better tonight.... more cars or not, seeing 7 happy faces made my night.  That and knowing that people in other towns know where I am... classic!




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