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Counting Viewers?


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Do you guys ever wonder how many viewers you have in a given night?

I have been handing out cookies every half past the hour but not really counting.

Tonight I gave out almost two hundred Christmas cookies.

Which caught me by surprise how quickly I ran low at 1830.

Then I went in and baked 100 of those peanut butter with the Hershey's Kiss cookies to get me through the rest of this evening.

So almost 200 at one per and some didn't want any.

Then you figure in the people who didn't stop for very long or just drove past slowly then turned around and back by.

I would take a guestimate and say around 300 viewers tonight by 2200.


Everyone was very happy and had some Christmas spirit.

I gotta say I love what Light-O-Rama has built.

So many people get so much pleasure from their product.

To bad there aren't more companies with the same out come.


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I don't count so much as guestimate. I glance out a few times an hour to see how traffic is. I'll count how many cars I have out front when I look. On average, cars seem to stay about 15 minutes so I can easily guestimate how many cars in that hour, etc.

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I don't count as I really do not care how many people see the show.  Although I know there are hundreds of people who see the show but that is only because I watch my show once or twice each night. Admiring my work and looking for flaws. Otherwise I just let the show run and only look outside when the crowd gets large or when someone comes up to my door and talks with me. I will go out and talk to everyone there when that happens. I would do the same show if only my wife and I saw it. I do not think I will put up a show if she dies before me as it would bring back to many memories, if I have any memories by that time.

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Last night was crazy the amount of people on my little road.

Tonight tripled the amount of viewers from last night.

My 200 cookies were almost gone at the 1830 mark.

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