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16 Channel Spiral Mega Tree


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Hi All,


I'm looking at next year constructing a spiral mega tree to add to my display. I'm in Australia so I'll be talking metrics... I was looking for feedback / input on my design. 


I plan on using 16 Channels to make my tree, 14 Lights, 2 for the Star. With fourteen channels for lights I would have two strands of LED lights per channel. In terms of size I was thinking a base with a diameter of no more then 1.1m and the height no more then 4m's or so. It's got a relatively tight, but perfectly positioned area to go into.


I want to know what sort of frame people suggest for making a spiral tree... I was planning on making a base circle and top circle for attaching the lights to with hooks then having a centre poll made out of PVC that could slip into a permanent insert in the ground. I've considered guide wires and feel that because the tree is only relatively small and anchored into the ground it wouldn't need them, but again if people have found that they're needed I'm happy to go with it.


So what do you guys think?


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