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Loops not working with G3-MP3 Director


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I purchased the G3-MP3 Director for my show this year and the Loop that I have set up in my sequence is not working with the director.


I have a  one minute sequence that I have set up to play during the first part of my show (Show 01) that uses a loop to repeat the last 54 seconds of the sequence 69 times which allows it to play the loop for one hour.  This all worked fine when I was using my laptop to play my show.  Now all it does is repeat the whole sequence over and over ignoring the loop.


Why is the loop in the sequence being ignored?


I even tried to use the Optional Start Sequence option and all it did was play the sequence once and started right into Show 02, again ignoring the loop.

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So I just updated the Firmware hoping that might solve my issue but I'll have to wait until the end of my scheduled show to find out if that helped.

Never mind then. Now that I'm reading the post that Don just posted.

So if Loops are not supported by this device, why is that not mentioned in it's capabilities. I would not have even spent the money on this thing.

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Can't you just "Copy & Paste" in the sequence editor to mimic the loop effect ? 


I also just bought a G3 Mp3 this year, and love it !


My 2 cents worth.



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