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Carol of the Bells - Pentatonix


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First I create a LMS file with no timings and 1 channel (which I clobber).


In Audacity I do the polyphonic analysis, and export the label to a text file.


I read in the Audacity labels file. It has the following format.


<start time> <stop time> <midi note>


I convert the times from seconds to centiseconds and put each start and stop time into a timing grid if it doesn't already exist.

Then for each midi note found I lookup what the name of the note is based on the number and create a deviceless channel, and add also the channel to the track.

Then for each audacity line do a fade from <start time> to <stop time> on the corresponding channel for the indicated note.

I make the above changes in the .lms file.

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So you make up a spreadsheet of this basically?  have a screen capture of what you are starting with raw and then maybe something you've worked for a couple of minutes.  I think i get the process, a formula converts the time values I assume into the timing in the LMS file?


How do you figure your time goes with this method vs more traditional grid based, in my case LSP so I can use some sonic tools on the song straight in the software as well to create timing marks for me.



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