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Article in The Huntsville Item Sunday paper


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Last night (Dec 14th) the photographer from The Huntsville Item (our local paper) came by and shot some pictures of our display. Glad I created a "Photo Op" sequence the day before .. LOL) ...


Anyway .. The photo and story ended up on the front page of Sundays paper ... on my birthday!!! What a great present...




I dont know how long the Item keeps links active so if the link takes you to never never land... sorry ..



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Funny it came out that way ... I created a "Photo Op" sequence that just turned everything on but i didnt want the pixels to just be white ..

Sooooooo. I set them up with a simple repeating RGB color pattern.


Thanks for the chuckle ...


Bob (MR CIM... ) ..

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Thanks guys. It was touch and go there for awhile with the weather, but we got it all running.

Thanks for looking

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