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My Light Show Made the YouTubes


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This was a recent video which someone posted of my house.

The best seats are the seven cars which can park in front of the mailbox. They are at the worst possible location for viewing.

When I tell you that my house is busy, My show starts at 1800 and there are cars parked out front by 1730.

It is non-stop until the last song. As soon as one car pulls out another quickly fills the spot.

There is always more than twenty cars parked. Everyone is super friendly.

My road is NEVER busy. The cars you see driving by are hovering looking for a place to park.


We are now at the point where we go out several times a night and offer homemade Christmas cookies.


The response from my community is incredible.

I am really happy that I am spreading some Christmas Cheer and providing some joy.


I can't wait for next year.


LOR better have a good sale! I need more controllers.


I have a one hour show and if you stay until the end, I have four additional sequences.

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