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CTB-16KV6 Board ID Question


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Hello all;


This is my forth year with LOR hardware.  I have 4 units driving all LED lights.  When I setup the hardware this year every thing worked (11/25).  Last night I noticed the animation wasn't quite right.  After some debug today it seems that board ID#3 is no longer reporting as #3.  The hardware utility doesn't see it as #3.  The board is however accepting signals that are designated for board ID#1.  So when Board 1 Channel 1 is told to turn on, both 1:1 and 3:1 are turning on.  It seems to be an issue with the selector switch.  I set the ID to Board#5 and now the hardware utility sees it as #5.  After reprogramming all the sequences ( making one channel setup and using export/import) every thing seems to be working.  Has anyone else run into problems with the board ID selectors?  Do I need to just reflow the solder after the season?





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to little OR to much heat in the soldering department can cause failure.


What that said, IF YOU feel that heat was NOT an issue during assembly, then I would guess a re-solder after the season might do it.


Have you opened a ticket with LOR ? they might have a quick check that you can do, BUT if you have set it to ID #5 and it works, then I would guess it can be dealt with then.



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When you can, try addressing your board at different addresses and see what it responds to; you may see a pattern.


If it's just the one connection that's bad, address 3 will look like 1, address 6 will look like 4, 7 will look like 5, 10 will look like 8, etc.


Unless there's more than one bad connection. But testing at various addresses should show that.

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