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Non musical interlude


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I only have 6 songs in my show (first year). I would like to put a 1 minute lights only "separator" sequence between each musical sequence.

I thought I could do this with an animation sequence and built one, but cannot figure out how to play it between each song.

Any help will be appreciated. Also your opinion on doing this would also be appreciated.

I am running S3 ver 3.9 Advanced.

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I think the easiest thing to do is to create a musical sequence (use an empty MP3/wav file) and add it to the playlist between each song.


I know there's a way to use a background animation sequence to do what you want to, but I'm nowhere near an expert on that.  The only time I tried it, I managed to screw up the show big time and I've never looked at running animation sequences again.

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Thanks George. The Newbies forum got a few more answers. Hope this will help you also.

Tony Shepherd from the UK suggested and I used his method:

I do the same as I play a music sequence then have a interlude with static lights before the next song. Don't worry about creating an empty music file just create an animation sequence with the lights you want on. In the show editor in the musical tab add your animation sequence as well. When you click the + to add a sequence the bottom drop down box will default to music sequences but you can change it to all and then add in the animation one for you interlude. This way you can put them all in the right order. It's very easy Hop this helps


After his respons came this solution:

Blackwolfk9 suggested:

When you create the show, there is a field at the bottom called cleanup sequence, you can put a sequence file in here that will play after every sequence in the show.

I will try this before show season ends.

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