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HELP! Please

Rooster 2008

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Is this your first time getting into the software?  Maybe try uninstall/reinstall.  I'm not familiar with the error, might help to provide as much detail as possible.

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I get those sometimes, usually it's due to one of 3 things {or has been in my case}


Here's what to look at:

Something in the animation window

Occasionally a bad MP3 can set this error off.

But the most likely one might or could be a comm error


When I've gotten it I check the comm port in the HWU to be sure it's set on the right comm port.


If an MP3 causing the issue, check to make sure it's in the correct format, 128K, CBR {I use 192K with no issues}


If it's something in the animation window, and this is usually if you have downloaded someone else's sequence, you may need to CLEAR their animation completely and starrt with a new blank animation window, close the SE, restart SE and it usually goes away.


Now I'm not saying it is definitely one of these 3, but this is what I, myself have done when I encounter that particular error.   There could be other issues that would or could cause this, so a re-install might be required.

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