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French Touch

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Hello everybody,


I'm proud to share with you this playlist of me and all my French friends using now lightorama.

Everybody has is own style that  I think is much different than yours.

But that's what is interesting : why redo what Holdman or others have already done before... the important thing is to find our own style even if you take ideas from others...

I would really like you to watch and leave a little comment (what you really think) so we can improve our different displays.

But don't worry you're still 20 years ahead of us with light control. :)


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That is freakin' awesome! Barak Snowbama --- too funny! And Litte Drummer Boy --- sweeeeet. Between this version and Pentatonic, I'm becoming a fan of that song. Give yourself some credit, you're not 20 years behind anyone. Nice show!

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