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Show Player becomes erratic after several days


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Last night, the status light was flashing on one of my controllers, as if it were not plugged into the network. The strange thing was that the channels on this controller were working!


Unfortunately, the controllers on the other network were not working as well. They would cut off for 15 seconds or so, then start again intermittently.


I recognized this problem, because I had it last year. It's a software developer's nightmare because it only happens after the show player has been running for a couple of weeks on my old Dell XP show computer. The quick fix (because I had people watching) was to  "Unload Light-O-Rama", then restart the Light-O-Rama Control Panel.


In case it's any help for LOR developers, here is my show data:

LOR Version: 3.10.8 Advanced

4 shows per night.

2 networks; 1 medium speed (using ELL), one high speed

17 16-channel controllers



X10 (used only in startup and shutdown sequences)

Windows command using in every sequence

Running Windows XP

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Similar situation.  2 LOR networks one highspeed (CCBs) the other fast, and an E1.31 network.   Woke up to stuck pixels on the tree and LorMonitor consuming 50% CPU in a 2 CPU box. (e.g. 100% of one cpu)  Windows 7 & LOR version 3.11.0


Killing LorMonitor did not help, it went right back into 50%, however rebooting fixed it. 

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