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desperatly looking for a few sequences...i will share and/or pay!


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hello everyone, I am looking for several sequences that I know people have done and I'd rather adjust it to my display vs. trying to do it from scratch. I don't want to reinvent the wheel. Now I haven't had much luck offering to trade sequences, so I'm actually willing to pay some for these, albeit being unemployed at this time of year please dont go asking for $50 a sequence or something...


The ones I am searching for:


Merry New York Chrstmas by Rob Thomas

Spirit of the Season from Polar Express (all the ones i have found online are all the same sequence and don't match up to the song very well)

Susy Snowflake by Rosemary Cloony (or others)

Alabama Roll Tide/ Auburn War Eagle songs


Thanks everyone!

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Looks like the sequences on that site are now all screwed up. The sequence trying to download was Misty Mountain rather than Merry New York Christmas. I sequenced a 16 channel version of the song last year and it was uploaded to that particular site.

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