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Looking for real RGB LED lights


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I am looking for (I think) WS2811 Full Color RGB Pixels 12mm 12 volt LEDs.


Hope I don't upset anyone BUT I am doing a way off topic project.


I am using RGB LEDs to light up my Car's gauge cluster with a RGB String so I can control the color of the lights, like RED for dark hyway driving and bright BLUR and WHITE for city driving.


I love it.


NOW I am trying to find single LED bulds that are super bright to put into aftermarket automotive gauges, the ones that came with one light bulb mounted in the back of the housing.


The ones I listed are for sale all over the place BUT with NO specs, no brightness ratings, no power ratings and some cases no voltage etc.


These have to be under 12 mm size, run on 12 Volts and have four wires and the chips in side so I can hook them up to a RGB controller.


They also have to be true super bright, something like 4000 MCP.


Serching the internet got the above resualts.


Christmas LEDs.com suggest this site to find the info I was asking about.


So I put it to you, can you help me?



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