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Two new Vids of The Singing Snowman

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I have enjoyed my first year with LOR.
Two new videos to share of my first-year Singing Snowman...


The Singing Snowman YouTube Channel is:

(only have three videos thus far)


BTW: I picked up the Bells at a thrift shop for $20 a piece. They were in mint condition!





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I used LEDs through 4x8 coro.

I designed the snowman and wanted to use the coro method so I could make the finished character look "clean" compared to what I would be able to do with rope lights.



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I'm planning on creating a "side-kick" so that he can sing duets. Maybe a singing tree. Then, of course, he'll need the back-up singers... and then a band... and then...

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Fantastic! The Marvelous Little Toy brought back fond memories of my late father --- that was one of his favorites. You should reach out to the folks at HolidayCoro.com. I wouldndn't be surprised if they were interested in buying your design. And I'm sure lots of people would love to buy it --- I know I would. Who knows, maybe you could get a few $$$ for every sale!

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