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Error loading sequence; unexpected extra save


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I have purchased 10 new ready to go sequences but only 2 was able to load and play.  I have downloaded them but when I open the file on the sequence editor I get the the following message: Error loading sequence. Detail: unexpected extra save info version.  Please help.

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Ready to go sequences must be loaded and used with LOR S3 V3.9.0 and above.  You need to update to a newer versions and/or purchase a license renewal to go to version 3.9.0 or higher.


There are several options to move to newer versions of our software.  Those options depended on your budget, what your current license level is, if you want to move to a new level, or if you want an add-on.
Option 1:
If you have any license level other than Advanced and want to increase your level (Say from Basic+ to Standard) you can purchase an UPGRADE.  The upgrade not only increases your software level, but also entitles you to updates for 1 year.  If you have Basic or Basic+, this is the best value for the money:  An upgrade to Basic+ from Basic is $20, while an upgrade from Basic+ to Standard is $30.
Option 2:
If you have Advanced, or want to stay at the level you are currently at, purchase a license RENEWAL for $29.95.  That will allow you to use any future updates for 1 year.
Option 3:
You can purchase the SuperStar add-on, starting at $49.95.  When you purchase a superstar add on, you are also given a complimentary license renewal (the same one you would get if you purchased option 2 above).
Remember:  Your software is good for life and does NOT expire.  Only your ability to go to newer versions requires a license renewal or upgrade.
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